Our services

Our consultancy services are tailor made for organizations and enterprises who need a fresh, yet experienced, view on their information governance process, design or redesign of services, development plan elaboration and improvement of single business process or creation of new business processes.

Services for PSAP

  • Business process analysis of information governance
  • Business process design for information governance
  • Development scenarios and change management
  • IT solutions for information governance
  • Building communication and information governance centres (e.g. HelpLine, Crises HotLine etc.)
  • Quality monitoring and management system

Good management of information exchange is an important tool for efficient leadership. Availability of timely, trustworthy and systematized information is necessary for decision-making and planning on all levels. Well organized exchange of information is crucial in time of crisis where co-operation between persons affected by it and those in charge of solving it, is especially needed when it comes to collecting, processing and forwarding information. The experts of Intelcomest have many years of experience in managing, developing and implementing information governance tools.

We have experience developing specific quality monitoring system
for 112 service in Estonia . It`s efficient and unique service in public sector. It helps Emergency response centre to understand how the health of the service is.

Every service needs monitoring system because we are wish to know how we are doing. Are we doing right things, what kind of mistakes we are doing, why we are doing mistakes, how can we improve our service, what kind of tools we need to be better etc.

We recommend every organisation start to build their own system and if it`s needed we can assist you!